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Instant Geyser vs Storage Geyser: Know The Differences & Facts

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Storage geysers
Storage geysers mounted on wall

Buying a right geyser as per our needs and requirements is not at all an easy task. It really becomes a challenge to realise which geyser is best instant or storage. 

Yes, the fight between instant geyser vs storage geyser is very intense and they give tough competition to each other when it comes to the preference of the customers. Instant geyser is good for short term use whereas a storage geyser would help you to store warm water for later use. 

At one place where instant geysers save electricity, on the other hand, storage geysers consume a lot of electricity but save water. Therefore choosing and comparing both instant and storage geysers is very challenging and becomes one of the major decisions that has to be taken carefully while planning for your home. 

Here we are up with a proper buying guide which would make you understand the comparison of instant vs storage geyser for bathroom and help you to buy the best one.

Key Differences Between Instant & Storage geyser:

FeaturesInstant GeyserStorage Geyser
Power consumptions3 to 4.5 kWLess as compared to instant geysers
Time to heat water2 minutes to heat and turn 15C of water into 60C of water.Requires 5-10 minutes to turn 15C of water into 60c
Water flow8 litres / minuteWater flow in the storage geyser is slower
Life span6-15 years5-8 years
Storage capacityNo storage tank3 litre to 16 litre
Price & maintenance cost in IndiaRs. 2500 to 80005000-10000 rupees
Best place to useWashing kitchen utensils, hand wash, bathingBathing using bucket and bathing using the shower

What is an Instant geyser?

Gas instant geyser

Instant geyser, as the name suggests, it is a type of geyser which heats up the water instantly in a very short duration of time. Unlike storage geysers, these instant geysers do not consist of water tanks to store water and hence, occupies very little space in your bathroom.

It can be easily fit at any – place without any technical space.  Whenever you are in need of water, you can switch the geyser on and use the water instantly without any wastage and difficulty. It consumes high electricity and makes the use of water very effective and efficient. 

Types of instant geyser & how they work

Instant geysers are available in two types based on their source of working:

  1.  Electrical Instant Geyser

An electrical instant geyser is a kind of instant geyser that works on the base source of electricity. This geyser requires electrical power to work and to heat the water.

Whenever we would see and compare the power consumption rate of both instant geysers and storage geysers, we would realize that electric instant geysers require less power to generate warm water.

It is very effective and takes very little time to turn cold water into hot water. Moreover, it is cost-effective too. But unlike gas instant geysers, electric geysers exert high pressure on the power grid and increase its load with a large amount of energy requirement.

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  1.  Gas Instant Geyser 

Gas instant geyser is the one that requires LPG that is liquid petroleum gas as a basic source to turn cool water into hot water. It is available very easily in the market and buyers can get it at a very low price as well. It requires a negligible amount of electric power and hence, completely relying on the availability of the gases in order to work efficiently.

It has a few parts, a consumer should have the basic knowledge to keep it running smoothly. Gas input, water input and water output pipe at the bottom ( or anywhere depending on the model ). Then comes the regulating knob or valve to control the input of gas, control temperature, and jet of the fire.

It also comes with an integrated lighter to ignite the fire inside with the help of high voltage electricity. It also needs cells to run other components. 

As you know this is an instant geyser hence it doesn’t come with any storage water tank. After turning it on, water goes to the heat exchanger section where it heats up almost instantly. A heat sensor is attached to the water output pipe to protect the geyser from overheating.

Power consumptions of Instant geyser

An instant geyser is rated at 3 to 4.5 kW. This means that an instant water geyser would require electrical power of 3 to 4.5 kW in order to get you the required heated water. It generally increases the load on the power grid and that is why it is not suitable for large families. If we compare instant geyser vs storage geyser power consumption, instant geysers would not be a better option as they require high geyser power consumption and even at times, it wastes power in large amounts. 

Time to heat water

In India, an individual can find water temperature ranges between 4C to 21 C. Therefore, when you will take an instant water geyser, it would take around 2 minutes to heat and turn 15C of water into 60C of water. Whereas, it would require around 1 minute only to turn water into 40C.

Water flow

Water flow rate is really very important to be considered while comparing between instant water heater vs storage water heater India. The tap flow rate is around 3 litres / minute and showers have a rate of 8 litres / minute. Make sure you choose the right one for your warm water requirements. 

Life span ( Durability ) of Instant geyser

The life span or durability of instant geysers is higher than the storage geyser because of the absence of a water tank. It can be considered between 6-15 years a sphere if non maintenance of the water tank is required. 

Storage capacity

The storage capacity is negligible in the instant geysers due to the absence of storage tanks. 

Price & maintenance cost in India

6 liters of instant geyser price is around Rs. 6,000 to 8000. As these geysers are relatively durable with a long lifespan, this cost is worth spending. They are cost-effective and affordable buy. 

Best place to use

 An instant geyser can be used at Washing kitchen utensils, hand wash, bathing using bucket etc. 

Can I use an instant water heater for the shower?

Since the rate of water flow in instant geysers is very high, it is recommended to not use it for shower baths. If you are having a bath using a bucket, it could be an option to go for instant geysers.

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How to use an instant geyser?

Instant geysers are very easy to use. It is generally used for dishwashing or washing hands and is integrated with water faucets in the kitchen or bathroom. Depending on the type of instant geyser, its operation may slightly differ. 

This is a tankless geyser so, whenever you’re in need of warm water, you can turn on the instant geyser. In not more than 2 minutes, you would get warm water, you can use it for your purpose and then turn off the switch of the geyser. It is very easy to use instant geysers. 

Advantages of instant geyser 

  • Instant geysers are affordable. 
  • They save water
  • Promotes Fast water heating
  • They occupy very less space due to the absence of storage tanks. 

Disadvantages of instant geyser

  • High power consumption 
  • Overload on power grid
  • Heavy in weight 
  • Not effective for bathing purpose
  • Limited water supply 

What is Storage geyser?

Bajaj storage geyser
Bajaj storage geyser

A storage water geyser is one that sores warm water for later use. It comes with a  storage tank of different capacities and helps the user to secure water for future use. It uses heating elements, controlled by a thermostat to raise the temperature of the stored water in the tank.

How does a storage geyser work?

A storage geyser consists of two pipes – one for inlet of cold water and another for the outlet of hot water. It works on the principle of conversion of electric energy into heat energy. It uses heating elements, controlled by a thermostat to raise the temperature of the stored water in the tank.

Power consumptions of storage geyser

The geyser power consumption of storage geysers is less as compared to instant geysers. Therefore, it can be a good option for large families. A storage geyser uses electrical thermal power to turn cold water into hot and that is why power consumption is relatively low. 

Time to heat water

A storage geyser requires 5-10 minutes to turn 15C of water into 60c and around 5 minutes to turn it into 40C. Since the volume of water in the tank is more, the time to warm up the water is also high. Overall, it saves time as you can heat a large volume of water at a time and can use it later on. 

Water flow

The water flow in the storage geyser is slower when compared to a water heater vs geyser. This is because of the large volume of water which is available in the storage tank of the storage geyser. 

Life span ( Durability ) of storage

The lifespan of a storage geyser is relatively low as compared to that of an instant geyser. The storage tank requires more maintenance and has a high chance to get spilled soon. That is why the durability or life span of storage geysers ranges from 5-8 years. 

Storage capacity

A storage geyser comes with different storage capacity starting form 3 litre to 16 litre. You can buy a geyser for your home as per your needs and requirements. If you have a big family and water usage is high, then you should go for a storage geyser with storage capacity of more than 12 litre whereas if your water requirement and usage is less than you can go for a storage geyser with tank capacity of 3-5 litres. 

Price & maintenance cost in India

You can get a storage geyser of 6-15 liters in around 5000-10000 rupees. It would be cost-effective for a customer to buy a storage geyser but the maintenance cost for the storage tank geyser is relatively high. This is because of the maintenance cost of the tank associated with the storage geyser. 

Some of the best geyser brands in India such as AO Smith, Venus, Bajaj availing different capacities of storage geysers in the market. 

Most of these branded geysers come with a 1 year guarantee, they will replace the whole product or parts for free if it malfunction within the 1 year from the date of purchase. 

After that period is over, you need help from an expert technical service center like us. We are a reputed home appliance service center in Kolkata serving customers and making their life easy since 1987. 

We install and repair geysers of any type and brand like Bajaj geyser, AO smith, Venus, Racold, etc. Provide a discount on genuine parts with a nominal service charge in Kolkata and its surrounding places.

Best place to use

A storage geyser can be best suitable for use at bathing using bucket and bathing using the shower. It is always recommendable for families with more members and effective for bathing. 

How to use a storage water geyser?

A storage water geyser can be used at home with proper safety and security. Whenever you’re in need of hot water, you can switch on the button of the geyser and the water will start heating. The time of water heating would be dependent on the storage capacity of the tank or storage geyser. 


  • It is good for the long run. 
  • Effective for bathing and family use. 
  • It does not require excess electricity. 
  • Water can be stored for later use. 
  • It is available in different ranges and storage capacity. 


  • There’s Excessive use of electricity in storage geysers. 
  • It wastes water when not in use. 
  • It is expensive compared to instant geysers. 
  • There’s high maintenance cost associated with it 
  • It occupies a large space. 

Now getting a right geyser as per your needs and requirements would no more be a big deal. Compare instant geyser vs storage geyser and get the right one for your home. Both the geysers have their respective features and attributes. You can compare both of them and select the one which is helpful for satisfying your water needs.

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