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Common Geyser Problems & Their Solutions

An instant water heater or geyser is a necessary appliance which is needed in every home and office since it serves the function of providing us with warm water in bathrooms and kitchens. However, waking up one beautiful morning just to discover your geyser isn’t working or malfunctioning is indeed a bad start to the day.

It is a total unpleasant surprise that no one could ever wish for, especially on a winter or rainy morning. Nonetheless, such experiences are unavoidable as you will have to face them sometimes some days. Though it’s advisable to get geysers replaced eventually, some problems can be remedied without you having to get a new one. Resolving them at the earliest will provide uninterrupted usage and also increase its lifespan.

Here, in this article, we listed some common problems that one can encounter with geysers as well as diagnosed them with the appropriate solutions depending on the complaints. Without further ado, let’s dive into the discussion;

Common Geyser Problems & solutions

#1 Water leaking from the geyser

This is a common problem for geysers. When there’s a continual dripping of water, then there’s an evident leakage in the device. Your geyser may have gone through a flare or a substantial leakage. It will be best to act upon it instantly to prevent the wastage of water and electricity.


  • One of the common reasons for water leakage from an instant heater includes overheating, excessive pressure faulty plumbing, corrosion, etc.


  • If leakage is a result of overheating, check the thermostat.
  • If it’s due to corrosion, call an expert for replacement.
  • excessive pressure can result in temperature and pressure valve leakage. If this happens, leaking valves must be replaced instantly.

#2 The water is not heating enough

Your geyser is faulty when the water temperature is not adequate (not heating enough to be precise).


Heating can be a result of the following reasons

  • When the thermostat, gas pilot, heating element, and pilot controller are faulty.
  • Circuit breaker.
  • Temperature settings.
  • Undersized water.
  • Placement of pressure valve.


Here are some possible solutions to resolve this issue;

  • If the problem occurs in the thermostat, the gas pilot or pilot controller calls for an expert to fix it.
  • If the problem ensues with the heater tank, circuit breaker, or pressure valve, try to change the placement or replace them permanently.
  • If the temperature settings are unstable, change them to stabilize the heating capability of the device.

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#3 Leakages through ceilings

Water trickling from the ceilings happens to be one of the common symptoms of a leaking or burst instant heater. Meanwhile, if you’re lucky to discover this earlier, the damage to your ceiling will be minimal. However, if the problem persists for too long, the water can cause substantial damage to your ceiling board, which might ultimately need to be repaired  or replaced permanently.


  • This may be a result of a problem with the drip tray. Or
  • When the overflow system is unable to cope.


  • The best you can do is to switch off the power to the geyser, then turn down the cold water supply to it. Now, contact a professional immediately to remedy this issue.

#4 Watercolor is not normal

Taking a bath with dirty or abnormally colored water is such a sickening feeling. When this problem occurs, it has nothing to do with the water supply. There’s a limited possibility that the shortcoming is in the water dispensed. Most likely, the instant heater is the convict.


  • Deformities in the anode rod.
  • Corrosion of galvanized iron plumbing.


  • The anode rod serves the function of curbing rust formation in the storage tank. When it fails to do so, there will be corrosion in the water heater. Thus, changing the anode rod  is the only feasible solution. You can contact a professional to do this. Changing the rod will also help in improving the lifespan.
  • The iron plumbing can corrode over some time irrespective of the year-old of your geyser, thus leading to discoloration of water. Therefore, it required regular cleaning and supervision.

#5 Water is coming out smelly

The offensive smell from the hot water is super annoying. And yes, it turns out to be one of the common problems experienced by geyser users. This issue is undoubtedly horrible and can be super daunting.


  • Faulty anode rod.
  • If the water supply is from a poor source.
  • Eutrophication in the storage tank.


  • A moldy or corroded anode rod is entirely responsible for liberating hydrogen. This can result in water giving out an unpleasant odor. Permanent replacement of the rod is the only way to annul this problem.
  • If your water supply is from a poor source (such as well) you are apt to microorganisms and pathogens which directly leave the water smelly. To remedy this issue, raise the geyser temperature to the highest level thereby killing the microbes naturally. No microorganisms can withstand high temperatures, hence, doing this will completely eradicate offensive odor.
  • If the geyser is kept unused for a very long time it can lead to the formation of bacteria and if those bacteria are mixed with water it will surely cause the water to stink. To remedy this, apply the latter solution written above.

If you are not confident to repair it by yourself, contact us now! We, Concord Services are one of the few famous geyser service center in Kolkata.

#6 Strange noise while running the geyser

Sometimes you might be hearing some strange and unpleasant noises while running your geyser. Well, This is not a complicated issue, hence you should fix it immediately after you notice it.


  • The most common cause of this issue is the heating panel inside. When the pressure is very high the heating panel begins to make some frustrating noise like banging, rumbling, or even popping.


  • The feasible solution to this is to drain the storage tank and descale the build-up. Meanwhile, the descaling might disappoint, if this happens replace it.

#7 Water is overheating

The essence of using a geyser is to prepare warm water and not boiling water. Boiling or sweltering water is ill-advised and can cause serious damage to the skin.


  • Excessive water pressure
  • Excessive thermostat temperature


  • Checking the pressure level might be more complex than what you can do yourself, seek the help of an expert to get this done.
  • Reset the thermostat temperature immediately if the issue arises from there. Overheating is highly dangerous and can lead to an explosion of your geyser. Turn off the instant heater and turn down the thermostat instantly. This is a technical problem therefore you will need the service of an expert.

#8 Body/earthing problem

This issue must not be excluded from this content, it’s dangerous and it shouldn’t be ignored. If you experience a shock while switching on or switching off the geyser, make sure you remedy it ASAP! and prevent kids from going near it.


  • This mainly arises as a result of bad earthing.
  • It may also occur in the heating element. If there’s a crack in the heating element, it transfers the shock into the water as well. This should be done without sacrificing time as it can take lives.


  • Firstly, switch off the geyser ignition and move away from it. Moreso, turn off the power supply to avert drastic casualties
  • Also, Check the earthing, if it’s from there call an expert to fix it.

#9 The geyser is not turning on at all

This can be really frustrating. As in waking up one morning to warm water just to discover the switch isn’t working. It’s a common shortcoming of geysers and it’s very vital to fix it.


  • It mainly happens because of two reasons, power supply or loose wiring issues.
  • Also, some geyser models do not turn on if the water level is too low.
  • It may also result if the water is overheated.


  • Since the reasons behind this issue vary, call for a professional to fix it for you.
  • If professionals are not readily available, you can check the wiring, power supply, and water level; perhaps it might be as a result of one of these.

#10 Hard water deposits inside the geyser

The cons of using hard water are much more than the cons. Moreover, the deposition of hard water affects geyser functioning. If the usage of hard water in a geyser persists for a longer period, it will lower the water heating and water flow capacity.


  • This is due to the accumulation of the white substance you often notice around the tap at the bottom of the storage tank, pipes, and valves. This won’t happen overnight but after years of using hard water and the same geyser.


  • The best solution to this is to install a water softener to annul the deposited hard water.
  • Ensure   adequate   cleaning   of  the  geyser.  If  the  heating is  implicated,      contact a professional to fix it.

#11  Gas geyser smoke problem

This is one of the rampant issues being faced by gas geyser users. Yes, You might notice huge flames coming out of your geyser, here’s the cause and the solution ;


  • This   is   solely   caused  by  a  faulty regulator,  unfortunately,     your gas geyser may permanently be damaged.


  • To   prevent  your  gas  geyser  from  being damaged permanently,    ensure you get an installer to monitor it when they change your regulator.


Some of the common geyser problems and solutions are listed above, you can go through this piece to discover the solution to your geyser problem. It might be a simple task that you can easily fix yourself or you might need the help of professionals.

If a geyser is left running for a long period it could overheat or perhaps explode. However, this mishap can be checked if your geyser has an automatic switch option.

When the geyser stops heating water, the problem can arise from a lack of power, a faulty electric thermostat, or a faulty upper electric heating element. Rule out the problem and apply the solution written above.

Switching a geyser in and off does not in any way damage it. Of course, you’re going to use it and without the two processes (on and off) it won’t be possible. However,  unnecessary switching can damage the geyser ignition.


We are really lucky to be a part of this amazing century, where technology has helped to  provide every amenities we need for domestic activities. And the best of it is that we can always tackle the shortcomings that occur while using them with ease.

Always be aware that cleaning and maintenance of geysers help to increase the lifespan thereby improving efficiency. We hope this content will make geyser usage and solving the problems associated with ease.

Ps: always remember to check out the model, size, features, warranty, etc, of any geyser you wanted to invest in.

Hope this helps!!!

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