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Top 10 Urban Company Competitors in India 2024

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uc competitors in India
Company NameService Provided
Concord Services (Kolkata)Home Appliances Repair
Urban Service Plaza (Kolkata)AC, Fridge, & Other Appliances
CleanShala.inHome, Office, Bathroom, Sofa Cleaning Services
HousejoyHome Renovation, Interior Design
ZimmberPainting, Cleaning, Carpenter
Quikr ServicesOn-Demand Home Services
Near.inOn-Demand Services
Vijay Home ServicesCleaning, Pest Control, painting
HelpPainting, Cleaning, Carpenter
TimesaverzPlumbing, Electrician
Didresha Glamour Touch (Kolkata)Beauty Salon Services

The on-demand economy has replaced traditional business models at a faster pace than it was anticipated. On-demand services coupled with some apps empower the quick provisioning of services and goods. It has changed the way today’s generation prefers the mode of travelling, entertainment, and how communication is made. The popularity and growth of these apps are due to the convenience it offers. Customers value time more than anything. India is heading towards digitization, and on-demand home services India has a better scope to grow, and this has turned out to be a competitor of Urban Clap.

What does Urban Company do?

UrbanClap which is now an urban company home services companies offers a wide range of services. Through this platform, an individual can rent home cleaning, beauty services, and even interior design at home. Started in the year 2014 by Raghav Chandra, Abhiraj Bhal, and Varun Khaitan, the company offers some innovative services across all the cities be it Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, and Chennai.

There are more than 10,000 professionals which are registered to offer the services on this platform. Of course, for them to get selected there is an extensive process of verification to be followed. Presently, the company managed to cross the $10 million revenue mark with its service while raising 63 Crore INR from Accel India. Today, it has turned out to be a growing home services start-up.

What are its popular services in India?

Once you register yourself at the UrbanClap app, you get exposure to a wide range of services such as

  • Home repairs & maintenance
  • Electrician
  • Beauty & wellness for women & men
  • Plumber & Carpenter
  • AC servicing
  • Painting

Just the way Urban Company offers such services there are also many urban company competitors that can offer more or less such services with quality.

Top 10 on-demand service apps like Urban Company

Have a look at some of the urban company competitors that are worth the services.

#1 Concord services

Since 1987, Concord services has been one urban clap competitors had been providing home appliances repairing and maintenance services for fridges, AC, and washing machines to name some home appliances. It has managed to earn a reputation in the market and has been online as well. Started by Pradyut Dutta, this company also offers AMC services to provide customers with a safe and secure solution 7 days a week.

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#2 Housejoy

housejoy home page image

Started by Arjun Kumar and Sunil Goel in the year 2015, Housejoy is based out of Bangalore. Initially, the company managed to raise $4 million of funding through Matrix Partners. As the company got a favorable response from the Indian crowd, it could make 4,000 orders on daily basis with resulted in 40% growth on weekly basis for the company. To date, such apps like urban company have earned good funding from investors like Amazon, Vertex Ventures, and Matrix Partners and raised $27 million.

HouseJoy is one of the competitors of urbanclap that offers not just impeccable services to customers but also offers perks to the employees such as free re-work and insurance. You can hire the company for services such as painting, carpentry, plumbing, pest control, and fixing electrical elements and appliances.

#3 Zimmber

This is another tending company that has turned out to be competitor of urbanclap. The company presently acquired Quikr for $10 million in the year 207. If you need any kind of helping hand at your home be it cleaning or electrical repairs, then this company is the right platform for you. Started by Anubhab Goel, Amit Kumar, and Gaurav Shrivastava, Zimmber raised $400,000 of funding with founders of Mobi that further stored $2 million in funding from leading Companies like IDG Ventures and Omidyar Networks. It offers services in Pune, NCR, MMR, and Bangalore. Along with basic home service, it also offers counseling and training to bridge the gap which exists in the service.

#4 Quikr Services

Quikr services are one of the largest commercial experts services in India where you can hire the services and even search for jobs. There are more than 20 services that Quickr offers in 600 different localities and a competitor of urbanclapthat focus on creating a strong community-based infrastructure and marketplace. This urban clap competitors founded by Jiby Thomas and PranayChulet in 2008, Quikr offers its listings of services in categories like mobile phones, household goods, cars, real estate, jobs, services, and education

#5 home page image

Paytm acquired India’s largest leading payment gateways Near. in. This service providing apps is an e-commerce platform for local services which helps the users avail the standard services for home needs, wellness like yoga and dietician, and even events like birthday parties. Akshay Khanna, Lomesh Dutta, and Sunil Goyal founded this in the year 2014 which focuses on letting customers easily purchase the buying products. This fast-growing online-to-offline space has been serving customers different professional services that a plumber, tattoo artist, and many makeup artists can offer locally. It has managed to raise $280k in funding from investors like Marquee and covers more than 100 categories in apps like urban company such as health, home needs, and wellness.

#6 Vijay Home Services

Vijay Home Services is a trending home services companies registered in pan India. The company offers its services in many cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, and Mumbai to name a few. There are services such as home Cleaning, Painting, Pest control, marble polish, Sanitization, and many more that customers can get with quality at great pricing by such urban clap competitors. Started to offer reliable and affordable services by CEO Pankaj Kumar Choudhary has certainly earned a good reputation.


cleanshala home page image

CleanShala is another amazing competitor of urbanclap that is known to offer services associated with hygiene and cleanliness. This is a top-rated online platform that is based out in Kolkata but also offers services in other cities. You must try out their services like, deep home cleaning, sofa cleaning, bathroom cleaning, and sanitization which are available across the major cities in India that have been serving for the past 3 years.

#8 Help

This is a one-stop solution for all your appliance and home care needs. These apps like urban company offer services like pest control, electrical repairs, plumbing services, computer maintenance, and appliance fixing and repair. The company has been awarded by Coimbatore Management Association in 2015 as the best start-up of the year. Founded by VijayramkumarVeeraraghavan, VigneshRengasamy, and Rajesh Sankarappan in 2015, this service providing apps offers services in Coimbatore, Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad.

#9 Timesaverz

Established by Lovnish Bhatia and Debadutta Upadhyaya in 2013, Timesaverz is a home services company start-up that offers a wide range of services to customers. If you are looking for services such as accessories cleaning, repairs, pest control, car washing, painting, and a handyman near your area, then Timesaverz is a great platform. It is known for excellent service, trained professionals, and a money-back guarantee. You can find this company highly in demand and operational in many cities such as Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, and Chennai.

#10 Didresha Glamour Touch

didresha glamour touch home page image

This Home Salon service provider is located in New Alipore, Calcutta, and offers international beauty standards. Whether it is a manicure, pedicure, wedding makeup, or hair treatment along with skin-enhancing you can find all your solution or beautify here. Presently this on-demand home services India has been serving in Calcutta but is open to other cities as well.

#11 Urban Service Plaza

This is another Urban Clap competitor in home appliance repair service based in Kolkata. Started in 2019, they have already served hundreds of customers in Kolkata, Salt Lake, Rajarhat & New Town area. Their dedication, expert technicians in the panel and commitment towards customers satisfaction is unmatched. AC, fridge, washing machine,Just name a branded home appliance, they can repair it at your doorstep at your conveninence.


The on-demand home services India has been rising and in the future, it is likely to grow even more. Presently in India, such a niche is at the nascent stage. As the cities are witnessing significant growth, it certainly is the right time for you to explore service providing apps like home service.

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