Concord Services a leading name in the industry providing high quality Air Conditioners(AC) repair and maintenance service in Kolkata at Low cost. We have a team of expert and experienced technicians and engineers who will help and give effective solutions for all the problems related to your air conditioner. Our technicians provide a variety of checks and adjustments.

Some of these include:
•  Checking internal and external parts for cracks or other signs of damage
•  Looking for leaky connections and loose fittings
•  Adjusting moving parts and lubricating as necessary
•  Recharging refrigerants
•  Cleaning condenser coils
•  Checking ducts for leaks, dirt and mold
•  Checking thermostat battery and function

We specialize in identifying serious problems with your system, providing recommendations for repairs. we are also engaged in providing services for optimizing your equipment so that it operates in accordance with manufacturer guidelines. Give us a call on our 24*7 helpline, if you are ready to schedule an appointment.

Total Solution For All Brand Air Conditioner

  • Diakin
  • Panasonic
  • Samsung
  • Electrolux
  • Hitachi
  • LG
  • Toshiba Carrier

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AC Repairing Services

We are expert in Repairing AC (Air Conditioners) in Kolkata and we manage this service through our channel partners.

Split AC Gas Refill

In a time bound you need to Refill AC gas to continue cooling. If you want to split AC gas then call Concord Services. We have ready team to this task.

Refrigerant Leaks Issue

We have trained technician who will fix this leak issue and test the repair after complete the task. We charge the correct amount for repairing this service.

Air conditioner Sensor Problem

The main role of sensor is to measure the temperature of air and start coiling based on room conditions. For resolve this issue you need to adjust or replace the sensor.

Air Conditioner Electronic Control Failure

If electronic control gets failure then panel pull considerable amount of current from the main panel. So you need to resolve this issue. Call our team to fix this issue.

Air Conditioner Drainage Problems

Concord Services has a solution for all your television service needs. Be it an LCD or LED or otherwise our team of expert can help you with any problem including picture tube defects....

Other Issue

For any issue in your Air Conditional you may call Concord Services. We provide free support for AC repair and affordable repairing cost in Kolkata. Feel free to call and ask for support.

Why Concord Services For AC Repair in Kolkata?

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